Discover our history…

1978: Trained as an electrician, yet with a great passion for the world of transport, Serge Michot, founder of the company, decides to quit his job as a construction manager and start his own business as an independent carrier.
At that moment, his only customer is the Câblerie de Charleroi (Brussels branch).

1981: Due to the expansion of operations and the recruitment of a new customer, Serge Michot is forced to buy a new truck and on 26 January, he creates the sprl Transports Michot.

1982: Thanks to his expertise Mr Michot manages to further develop his business and soon he has to enlarge his fleet. Mrs Michot decides to join the company and assist her husband by doing van deliveries.

1985: Transports Michot concludes a contract with a new customer for the distribution of cigarettes with two new trucks.

1987: Transports Michot decides to move to a new warehouse of 800 m² to start a storage business and also allow for the maintenance and parking of its vehicles. Six years later, due to the large increase of customers in transport and storage, Mr Michot has no choice but to move yet again and opens a new 1,200 m² warehouse with an adjoining parking lot of 1,000 m².

1994: Geoffrey Michot, the eldest son of the family, joins the company and the fleet is expanded with a 10th truck.

1998: Transports Michot is again confronted with a lack of space and on 1 May the company moves to the current warehouse, which is located in Sint-Pieters-Leeuw and covers an area of 1,500 m².

2003:  The second son, Sebastien Michot, joins the team. He expands the sales department, starts a new express service and actively starts prospecting for new customers.

2005:  Geoffrey and Sebastien Michot officially become the new managers of the company. However, they continue to rely on their parents’ knowhow and expertise and to this day, the initial founders continue to play an active role in the company. Geoffrey Michot has mainly taken over Serge Michot’s duties relating to planning and the management of the drivers and of the vehicle fleet, while Sébastien sees to the commercial activities, accounting, IT, financing and general administration.

2008: The company expands its warehouse to a storage area of 4,500 m². At the same time it invest in an innovating inventory management program, a track & trace system, in which all stored goods are scanned and closely monitored.

2011: Transports Michot also introduces a track & trace system for its fleet of trucks.

2012: The track & trace system for shipments is made available to the customers via the Internet, allowing them to keep track of their parcels and/or pallets and to know the exact time of delivery.

2013: Transports Michot obtains ISO9001: 2008 certification in recognition of its commitment to providing excellent quality services.  In August, the company revamps its offices and expands its warehouse to a total area of 6,000 m².

2014: Transports Michot enters into a new partnership agreement with two carriers, in order to guarantee deliveries within 24 h throughout the Benelux.